Jill Narciso, Writer/Director

Award-winning writer/director Jill Narciso is tougher than she looks.

She's helped free an innocent man from death row, used Jiu Jitsu moves at a nightclub, and spent most of the money she earned in college on speeding tickets.


Jill now gets her thrills riding roller coasters, playing poker tournaments, and visiting haunted places. 


Besides working on her next creative project, Jill prepares state, federal, and private grants for top researchers, making good use of both sides of her brain. 

Jill's horror short film, Stall, about a woman who gets stuck in a haunted bathroom, has had local, national and international screenings, including Boyish Media and Film Festival Flix, with distribution on Roku and Apple TV. Another recent film, Dolls, about a reclusive woman whose old doll who gets jealous of a new doll, won the Juror's Choice award at the Women of Color Filmmaker's 2021 Fall Challenge. 


Jill has also participated in  FilmNorth's Pilot Lab: Inclusive & Socially Conscious Filmmaking, the Women of Color Filmmaker's Lab, and Women of Color Unite's #Startwith8Hollywood mentor program. 


As a director, she loves including as many women of color in front of and behind the camera to not only change Hollywood, but to inspire those still afraid to live out their dreams. 

Jill is currently in pre-production for a feature drama, and she is working on developing two other feature films.