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Jill Narciso, Writer/Director

Jill Narciso is an award-winning writer/director from Houston, Texas, who likes to create thriller/horror films with a twist. 

She typically draws from her own life experiences for inspiration, whether it’s being afraid of a creepy bathroom, antique dolls at the local thrift store, or ignoring obvious signs of being haunted. Jill is the weird one in her writing group who likes to question which weapon causes the most blood in a victim, and whose scripts are read while the sun is out. 

She is a featured filmmaker in the digital-media company Boyish Media, a mentee for the Women of Color Filmmakers Lab, a mentee for Women of Color Unite’s #Startwith8Hollywood program, and a fellow in FilmNorth's Pilot Lab: Inclusive & Socially Conscious Filmmaking.

As a director, Jill loves including as many women of color in front of and behind the camera to not only change Hollywood, but to inspire those who are afraid to live out their dreams. 

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